Wednesday, February 17, 2010


With a lone face in his eyes
and a lone thought in his heart,
he recalled her smiles
when time stood still and events began to dart.

she had a way about her
he knew not what.
It made him suffer
But it was worth-it, for all he got.

Lost in her thoughts
He was sure he was lucky,
for he couldn't connect the dots
that had bought him to this lady, so lovely.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

A long due first post

Amidst the dynamic mundane,
the mind is pushed to see
the way the things change
and the way they don't.

Somehow I know,
amidst all this noise in my head,
that you are the tranquility
you are the solace.

Amidst the silence in my head,
You are the voice
one of reason
and one of faith.

Amidst the darkness in my heart
you are the light
of wisdom and of prudence
you are the strength of my being

Amidst all that I have come to call mine,
you are the prized.

You are the anchor
in the tempest of my mind
And the sails
for the raft of my life.