Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Choose Your Poison

Someone mentioned today, for the nth time, that sugar is poison. I had to respond. 

1. Life is poison - It's an engine that ignites every morning, no problems most of the time. Gradually it loses shine and sheen and one day, it just refuses to work. Some people prolong the life of the human vehicle by replacing batteries or getting a new ignition spark etc etc, but the quality of life is never the same again. And then, one day, no matter how hard you fight it, it just refuses to turn back on. No one argues this hypothesis so there is no open research on it. But it would do you well to keep this in mind. No matter how long you get to live - Life Is Short. QED.

2. Time is poison - Well, it is killing you slowly with every passing second, isn't it? QED.

3. The air we breathe is poison - I don't hear arguments here either. QED.

4. The food is poison - Pesticides, artificial drug pumped vegetables and animals. Damn, who can argue that. Plenty of research here. .

5. Lack of love is poison - Lack of love, makes the quality of life so bad that I would refuse to call it a life. It's at best a poor simulation of life. So lack of love is poison.

6. Love is poison - Talk to the incurable romantics, who have killed themselves in the name of love. There are others among us, who die every minute in the name of love. Either missing someone makes us miss a heart beat, or watching them come home after a long time makes us miss it. Sometimes it is both. Only those you love have the keys to your happiness. They make you laugh to the point of hysteria - which damages heart and other bodily functions and they make you cry into depression cutting life short by days and months as time goes by. Poison.

The list goes on. Everything kills you. What doesn't kill you is a little bit of happiness, from the small things. And even if they do kill you, they are worth indulging in, worth savoring. At the end of all things, nothing really matters, but your memories, made of small cups of tea (with sugar) that make you happy...