Monday, September 20, 2010


I was heart broken
I picked up a fag
Blew rings
That became hearts

With a wave of hand
I broke the hearts.

The totem

He sat there
Looking at her
His music playing in his head
He waited years
He waited ages.

She lay besides him
Beauty of His creation
Oozing out of her
Even though, it tempted him not
It was in its grasp
That he was caught.
He was lost.
Like a ruthless arrow
It shot through his heart.

Woken up now,
His dream was shattered.
Troubled with the reality
He fought to hold onto his sanity
With the totem of his love.

No one minds getting lost in dreams. It's reality that most fear. We need a totem (an anchor) - not to avoid getting lost in dreams but to avoid getting lost in reality. Hold on to your totem. Do anything, don't lose it. Its painful, being lost.