Monday, July 18, 2011

New York

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I will make at least a post a month. I have skipped the last two months, and it breaks my heart. My job does not allow me time enough to write even one post a month and that is, according to me the biggest downside of the job.

I actually happen to like the work and of late - I am loving the job a lot because I have a little over 30 days in New York City. On my own, I would never have travelled to US. I got nothing against the country, but I love Europe.

New York. The first foreign location that I have seen teeming with masses. It is almost as densely populated as Chandini Chowk in Dilli. So I don't think I am missing much, my homeland wise. Only the people. Only the ones I love.

1 month is not too and there is too much to do here and that keeps me occupied. I have seen the times square - both during the day and at night. I can see it from my hotel room window. Apparently, I got a good view. Apparently.

The city has no charm for me. The high rise buildings - the Manhattan skyline - there is nothing to it that allures me. Man made ugliness, I call it. I love the open, quite places and the European-esque places. And I found such a place here as well yesterday. South Port. I took a ferry ride through the silence of the Hudson River with engines grunting away above me - on the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and all around me in the land. I could not be more removed from all the noise and experienced peace for the first time in 2 days that I have been here.

There is a gigantic St. Patrick's church quite close by and that is next on my places to visit as soon as possible. I have been told it is amazing to take a walk on the Brooklyn bridge, so that is also on the cards.

The people I am interacting with are from all over the globe. Would like to meet the New Yorkers a little more to learn more about them.. but there is time for that. It is inevitable.

This was just a catch-up post with my favourite me-place.


Rakshit said...

I see you haven't changed much.. Heartening to see.. Miss you buddy.. Soon, hopefully...

Neeru Sharma said...

So how was the overall experience?

Indira Negi said...

My thoughts exactly on Manhattan. Loving yours and Rigveda's writing.