Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Opinions

Opinion has 'pi' in it. It's, hence, bound to have some semblance of irrationality. If you take away the irrationality ('pi') from opinions they are like onions. Which could mean two things:
1. If you consume opinions that try to be objective (minus their inherent irrationality), hence oversimplified, they'll make you stink like onions. We need to learn to live a little bit of irrationality. That's an integral part of an opinion.
2. Onions have layers. So if you look at an opinion 'rationally' (minus the irrationality) you can actually see the layers. You need to dig a lot for it to make sense.

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Grey Inks said...

Awesome thought and insight. I have a lot of opinions about many things and am going to shed them after reading these beautiful lines. Coz I really dont want to stink and make this world a stinky place...