Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Destructive Interference

Started a story; stumbled over a twist
Here's a summary; can't spill the rest
It began with a tingling; like most beginnings
Two kindred souls; one little fish bowl
The inevitable chaos was swift; the damage, colossal
The crack on the surface; a ship in shamble
Adrift on the wreckage; the survivors found harbor
The sea of unknown between; made the separation profounder
Beyond the infinite; stood what once was her half
But a shoulder appeared presently; offering to carry her raft
The shoulder asked her who she was;
before there was time to comprehend her loss
With one half beyond the finite;
she struggled for an answer through the night
Light shone, with the morning sun
but all on the dilemma, on the solution none
Obviate the beginning to start afresh?
Or labor with the details and hope for grace?

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