Friday, March 12, 2010

I am here
burning in hell
while you found heaven yonder
despite the separation of the worlds between
I have come to grow fonder!

I have chosen
to be where I am
travelling through the worlds
don't come down here to get me
in an attempt to set me free

It's dark, It's scary
But that's just how is this story
but I have found my solace
It's here that I lost everything
but it's here that I found my self.

There's hope, there's joy
there are times when I cry
No, I don't want you to come for me
but come and see, now I am free.

I daren't come to you now
for I am scared what you got to show
a land of sunsets and evening tea
might withdraw me from my insanity


Neeru Sharma said...

In an ocean of emotions, I hope you see the light and take the right steps!
Good expression! Keep it up!

Kasper said...

thanks ma!