Thursday, June 3, 2010

My shadow...

When insanity locks itself up and sanity is forced in the next room. When sanity pines for one look at the insanity. When insanity is self-indulged, satisfied. And when sanity all but desirous, far from satisfied, praying for insanity to overbear and overwhelm.

When all the sanity in the world is not enough for the tranquility and peace that you desire and insanity does not come to the rescue as the tranquilizer it had become, to ease the pain. To make it worth living the week after the listless, tiring week that sapped you of all desire to live the next. A week that makes you as crazy to think and write this.

Getting up in middle of the night with these random thoughts. Scattered really. Insanity opened the doors and took me with arms wide open. So, rest for later... [end of part 1]

[part 2]
It was not me writing all this. It was my shadow. In a moment when it no longer embraced my body. I was searching for it. It completes me and its back now. Self-embraced and content, with its act of randomness.


Neeru Sharma said...

'Tranquility and peace'....the ultimate goal of human beings are far from either sanity or insanity. These, maybe, are possible when human race goes to next level of awareness!!

Ravi said...

If you mean Sanity is the responsible person in us and insanity is the carefree, hep person who doent bother about consequences, then all of us need to be insane at some point.

The same as letting your hair down, dance wildly, go on a trip to ladakh,hike for 200 kms on a mobike.

You need these Eureka moments to find not that earth changing thing but yourself.