Monday, July 19, 2010

Its time for time to do the killing

To some, the greatest healer
To some, something to bide
To some, something to kill
It has never really waited for one.

Me, I have killed
so much of it
that I am tired.

And now that I am tired,
It has regrouped and gathered strength
And its coming back to me
with an unprecedented vengeance.

I am the resigned general
with my troops surrounded
Do I surrender?
Or do I fight till I die?
Does it really matter?

Alas, the foe won't accept a surrender.
Befallen on the general
is the onus to fight
but my troops are running helter-skelter with fright.
Like an omen it looms on my head,
Won't rest a quantum of self
till he sees me dead.

I wait for the assassin
It approaches in silence
But I can sense
his growing confidence
as to me he marches.

He'll get me in the end,
of that I am sure
Because he got them all
who were much stronger than me.

There was a time
we were best of mates.
Worked together
for both our sakes.

Now, it seems, he blames me
For, I know not what
but so much wrath
can't be without a cause.

"Why me?" I could cry
"Why not?" he would reply.

I wait not for a gesture of his hands.
For my assassination is by my own hands.


Zinque said...

Good stuff! I like
p.s.: can u pls remove this word verification from ur comment system. no malicious software will try to comment on your blog..

Kasper said...

yeah zinque. thanks for pointing that! its done. now i shall be flooded with comments :D