Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All things bright and beautiful
Our love had screened the reality
With curtains drawn
We refused to see, what engulfed us was insanity.

Don't know when
Don't know how
Maybe through a creek in the door
Maybe a crack in the window
In came the devil.

Never could kill me or possess me
Never could kill you or possess you
It plagued what was between us
And thus killed me
And thus killed you
And thus died God.


Neeru Sharma said...

Really nice words to express thoughts... BUT ..God doesnt die....only we loose the connection and fail to see HIM.
Believe me He is always there. You can reach out whenever you wish. All u need is faith.

Dhaval said...

Really nice lines...specially the last few lines...and the right use of the word 'thus' makes it very clear that you don't literally mean God. You mean your love which is godly, which provides you and her both identity...really beautifull...

Zinque said...

wow!!!!!!1 I love this one.. Kartik Sharma you're good