Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gratitude for an enemy: Introduction

I have wanted to publish a story in parts for a while now. This seems to be a little longish than I had originally intended, so I am going to try and publish it in parts on this blog. Comments are more than welcome. Do be generous because I care for you two cents.

This is a story of Raveesh and Rihan, the best of friends. Well, once upon a time. And for a brief period. They had come very close to each other in, excuse me for using the phrase again but, a brief period of time.

There was little common in them, but they couldn't live a minute without each other, in that brief period I mean. They went to the same school and were in the same section. Destiny. They even made it a point to sit with each other in school. Until life happened.

It is a simple story told simply. But I am prone to theorizing and hence can't help the length.

A purely chronological narration has always bored me, so I am not going to bore you with that. A journey through a chronological sequence of emotions might just serve for some entertainment.

Chapter posts to start from tomorrow. Will attempt to finish it in three parts.


Neeru Sharma said...

Waiting eagerly! :)

Anonymous said...

wow ! the introduction itself gives me the jitters.. i am already hooked.. how do they say it ?? "you had me at hello"


Anonymous said...

Boink Boink Blasters... I am eagerly waiting too for the story of the double R's :)

Kasper said...

So am I my anonymous friend. So am I. Hope you have read the 4 parts following the intro. There may or may not be a 5th.