Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gratitude For An Enemy: Part 2


Raveesh's jealousy was understandable.

Disclaimer - A Slight Detour: To attempt to sound smart, I am tempted to make a not-so-relevant analogy to the Chaos theory. Trash it if you don't think it fits. Raveesh's jealousy was like the fluttering wing of a butterfly. Those who got it, here, at this stage can skip the next paragraph. But before you go - hats off to you.

For the rest, don't worry it wasn't a very smart analogy anyway. Chaos theory says that a small action as a butterfly flapping it's wings in one part of the world causes a tsunami in the other part.

For the rest, here are the beans spilled. Yet again. Raveesh's jealousy, though minor, tore the world of friendship between and Rihan. I feel for you guys.

~Vengeance :x

So Raveesh set out on a mission to wreck Rihan's life. The course of action and events will follow soon.

~ Frustration :F

Rihan blissfully unaware of the transformations inside his best friend, was tagging along comfortably. He loved and cared for Raveesh and liked hanging out with the new group of friends as well. He had, over a period of time - though brief (remember?), fostered a lot of close bonds.

One day, Raveesh came to one of their get-together-with-booze sessions with Vibhuti. She was a simple and very intelligent girl. She was in their class and Raveesh, Rihan and Vibhuti had recently done a school-project together. Raveesh and Rihan had both grown to be fond of her, but neither had romantic inclinations towards her. She had no interests in 'pursuits of spirit', as Milan Kundera put passion for art, reading etc. in his must-read book, 'the unbearable lightness of being'.

Raveesh played a game. He asked Rihan if he liked Vibhuti. He said yes. Now let's understand here that 'sometimes words have two meanings' (courtesy: Led Zep). Sometimes more. The process of understanding what one means by the words that he chooses, takes a lot of understanding about that person. The purpose, or the end is to develop a common dictionary. Or at least understanding each others' dictionary. And that cannot be achieved in the 'brief' period Raveesh and Rihan had known each other for.

So, in my opinion this possibly leaves a window for doubt as to whether Raveesh was acting with a vengeance or genuinely misunderstood. I know I should take a stand here and tell you guys which was it. But I'd rather leave you with that dilemma. Why decide? What is the need for certainty. I love ambiguity. That's all that life offers.

So the yes in this story was a casual 'yes, what's there to hate?' yes. Raveesh, a close friend of Rihan - even though for a brief period of time (where have I heard that before?), knew what Rihan's yes meant. But he played the best card Rihan could ever wish for in view of the grand scheme of things in Rihan's life.

More on that later.

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