Friday, February 4, 2011

Gratitude For An Enemy: Part 1

~The chance meeting :)

Call it serendipity. Call it Karma. But whatever it is that makes 2 strangers meet, and trust me that happens a lot, is exactly what brought them together. What brought them very close to each other by engendering the bond of 'best-friendship', is one of the few unexplained incidents in their lives. Unlikeliest of people do become the best of friends, that is not uncommon. It was one of those incidents. That's my best explanation.

~Love. The other kind :P

Their bond was strong. They were close, true. But they were very different people. While Raveesh was an outgoing extrovert,Rihan was a thorough introvert. Rihan preferred to spend some time alone reading books, watching movies or some latest TV Series. Raveesh loved interacting with people and could not live a minute alone. He would jump to social media on his laptop.

Rihan was a fitness freak and always had a well toned body. Raveesh was careless and never once worked on his gradually protruding belly. He was proud of it!

Despite all these differences they were thick as thieves, never to be seen without each other. Opposites attract? Don't ask me. There was something they were both seeking when they met each other. Probably they found that in each other. Well, anyway, but that all was just once upon a time.


Gradually, Raveesh because of his nature moved to a bigger group of friends. He made Rihan meet everyone.

Rihan with his flair for trivia and varied interests connected very well with everyone.

Sneek-peek into the next post:
Gradually, most of Raveesh's friends became better friends with Rihan.

And yeah, as they say - No points for guessing the first chapter of the next post!

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so now i wait for a whole day? wtf !

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good stuff dude.. it leaves u longing for more... for a whole novel, for example ;)