Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gratitude For An Enemy - Part 4

~Love (the right type):
So when Vibhuti and Rihan started dating, they were not just dating. It started with confessions of love. Neither of them knew what love meant. But the problem was compounded by them not knowing that they did not know what love means.

A lot of times we challenge what we know. But how do you challenge something that you don't know? It is a dilemma.

Both of them, deeply in what they believed was love, went on with their life together. Movies, TV series and books teach everyone what people in love do. They did all that. It was a happy phase in both their lives.

With reference to the group, to cut a very long story short, Rihan started to grow away from them. Raveesh, in the meanwhile had consolidated his position there. He also put in an occational bad word for Rihan for ignoring everyone which instigated them. They were irritated with Rihan and gradually became agnostic towards him.

But Rihan did not care a lot at this time, though he understood what Raveesh was upto. He had a major fight with him and they turned enemies. He was hurt at losing some good friends, very hurt. But there was some solace. He had Vibhuti. The entire list of 'things to do when in a relationship' was close to being exhausted. What next?

Next came thinking. So Rihan began thinking that Vibhuti was too naive and too simple. Vibhuti was still overwhelmed with the extent of knowledge Rihan had and how physically attractive he was. To her that was all that was needed to spend the rest of her life with him. She had seen her friends and she had seen her parents, who were in love. According to her. It is only fair to assume that.

But Rihan was looking for a deeper meaning. Someone he could talk to, engage in conversations with, discuss the books he was reading and the movies he had watched. Life was more than marriage and someone to sleep and wake-up with. It had to be.

So he told Vibhuti as much. He did not feel the 'love' and he got of the relationship with Vibhuti. It hurt her. But she got over it in a month.

Rihan felt lighter. He had done the right thing. If he had continued with the relationship it would not have been fair to either him or Vibhuti or their families. If he did not love her, he would never have been able to make Vibhuti happy. It was in the best interest of both of them.

He was really angry with Raveesh for having pushed him into this relationship. But when he thought a little more, he realized he had learnt a valuable lesson from the episode with Vibhuti. He gained a little understanding about what love is and what it is not. What makes him happy and what does not. He was thankful for that experience and the learning from that episode. He was sad, true. He had lost a lot. But would he want to change anything about his past? No. Because that would take away this crucial learning and the whole experience.

~Gratitude for an enemy:
Buoyed with this thought, Rihan began cherishing his relationship with Vibhuti. He felt nothing but gratitude for Raveesh.

I am going to make this one a happy ending. I don't really want to. But if you see the comments below, mom wants a happy ending. And I don't have the heart to refuse yet again. So you can expect an epilogue or an addendum of sorts...


jiYa said...

Brilliant Bruno; your fresh way of narrating stands out.. But I wanted a real happy ending.. :(

Kasper said...

hey Jiya. Thanks a lot :)

the name is kasper. :P

and it is a happy ending. but what u refer to as real, is part 5. coming soon. i am hoping :)