Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gratitude For An Enemy: Part 3, The Theory

This post is to understand why I think it is possible to feel gratitude for an enemy. This post marks a complete detour from the story and if the story is all that interests you, you can give this a skip.

I believe that whenever we are analyzing the choices that we made and the incidents in our life, we look back from where are now to the point in the history where you made that choice. In this period of history, one goes through ups and downs. If you are a glass half full person you see how everything that happened adds up. That life had a plan and how it fell together.

There come few moments in each one's life when he is really satisfied and happy. At these moments, a believer in Chaos theory believes that he would not want to change anything in his life past. Even if a leaf that fell off from the tree had not fallen, if a drop of rain that fell on him had not fallen - things could have been radically different. And you want things exactly the way they are. No changes.

It is in these moments when you feel gratitude to your friends and enemies alike. Remove any one person from the equation of your life history, and you will have a different life. A life you don't want because you have all that you want, in this life. At least till this point in time.

The last part of the story comes tomorrow...


Neeru Sharma said...

Very true!
When tomorrow comes!

Zinque said...

It's coming along really well..Waiting, waiting, waiting