Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Last Week

Here I am, at the fag end of my life at IIM Ahmedabad. At this juncture, much like the last few days anywhere, anytime be it the end of a year or a term or anything tangible, I find myself wondering what's gained and what's lost.

There is a lot running through the head of everyone here on campus. All are earnestly engaged in collecting the last bits of memory of this place that would be everlasting in all our minds. Every visit to Rambhai seem like the last in many years to come. A walk through LKP in the middle of the night reminds of the assignments done here, the talks (not all of them life changing) that we had here. You get a hang of it... the real emotional and sentimental stuff. It's all happening here. Live at IIM Ahmedabad.

Apart from the academic gyaan learnt here over the two years, there are bonds that are formed for life. There are names and faces that are etched for reasons good and bad that will stay with me forever. There are people I will miss knowing more for the news on their legendary stuff, that spread like rapid-fire on campus, came too late to get to know these people better.

The bitter sweet symphony (I know that is cliched, but trust me I am THAT sentimental right now) that played here over the last 2 years is a part of my memory and I cherish every bit of it. The ups and the downs alike.

I lost a lot on this campus, but I think I gained more than I lost. The jury is out but it is waiting for time to tell. But I have a feeling which way the verdict is going to be.

I found it really hard to feel this way when IIT ended or when the first year ended and everyone was so emotional. It was an end of an era. Sure. But coming to IIM was not too big a change after IIT and coming to 2nd year, well that was very little change. But the change due up next, well that really is something. It is the end of a mighty big preparation phase in my life. Academics and learning through experimentation and mistakes is past. It is the time to deliver and be all grown up about stuff. Maybe that is just the voice of protest in my head. A protest against ending a period where I am in my comfort zone.

So, as I end the 23 years of preparation through 2 schools, an undergrad college and a post grad college there is a little bit of anxiety and fear on entering the real world. I understand that I have been protected academic environment for so long now and it can only simulate real life at best.

The real world out there scares me. True. But it also excites me and entices me. It comes with some compromises, sure, but it also comes with its own promises. Learning and growth will come in new forms and a new paradigm for learning and living will emerge for every individual. I hope we all make the most of it. Carpe Diem!

So here is me wishing myself and all my friends on this campus all the very best for the real world as we plunge head first into it. And here is hoping that I never forget the steps I climbed to get to the diving board, the board itself and the view of the pool from there.

I have learnt how to swim long enough, time to put the preparation to test.


Rakshit said...

the last two paras are amazing :)
all the best dude.. and dont worry, your future is surely rosier than Sreesanth's ;)

Neeru Sharma said...

Go conquer the world with your hard work, brilliance, love and humility.
May Divine be with you in all your endeavours in life. All the best to you.

Zinque said...

"And here is hoping that I never forget the steps I climbed to get to the diving board, the board itself and the view of the pool from there." - very well put!
When I come out with a post, it shall be only gloomy with no optimism for the future. I know the future will be good. But for now, I just want to wallow in the sorrow of leving this place.. weep weep

Grey Inks said...

All of us have passed through this - from a cocooned existence to harsh realities of life. But remember one thing always; the other guy or gal, the boss or the fantastic achiever, inside the 3 piece or 2 is no different from you in any way. They have the same anxieties, the same knots, only the very successful dont show it and really believe that if they cant do it, no one else can. Not in this world.

It just takes a human to do human work. You are awesome, never forget that.

The biggest challenge you will face is to be humble in the wake of success. That is the real anxiety you should have. It isnt you vs real world, it is you vs you.Like you put it, never forget the steps to the diving board. And never forget the 70% underprivileged population of India. You owe it to them, as much to yourself.

So all the best to you buddy.