Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have often thought and said that pain helps the spark of creativity in us and helps us cross the threshold that otherwise restricts us. I saw Rockstar yesterday and the question rose again. Is pain the only way to produce your best work, creativity wise?
I think it has to do with intense emotions. Any intense emotion, if channeled, can help a creator come up with an inspired creation. If we accept this hypothesis, then the next question comes - why are all our best works a product of a period of suffering?
There can be two reasons for that. I have personally felt that both of them go hand in hand.
First: Pain is the easiest emotion to channel. Compare it witb joy, excitement, success, love... all intense but happy emotions. These emotions have becone occassions to celebrate. And with the passage of time, we have learnt to take them in our stride. Shelf them. And aspire for more. There is no contentment with achievement of these emotions. Rather, they serve as a push to gun for more. Why stop now, when i can go another mile?
Pain stops us on our feet. Forces us to think and change the course that we have been moving along on merrily thus far. It is often this stimulus that guides the work of creativity. It becomes easy to give up all the other things that might be going on and focus on just one thing that really matters. Which is the creation of a creator. This singlemindedness propels the work of art to a personal genius. It comes from the deepest part in us, comes from our soul.
Second: when nothing else matters, the sense of fear on being judged for the work goes away. The creator stops caring for the opinions of the world. This goes hand in hand with the first point to help create the singlemindedness of utmost devotion to the work at hand.

The work, thus created, is undoubtedly the best you'll ever do. And a creator longs for pain. Masochism, is a common trait in all creative people... for the love of art, they'll suffer. Because that is the most important thing in theit lives.

I am sure my thoughts on this are not exhaustive. I welcome any comments or suggestions on this. Would like to understand it better myself.


Zinque said...

Some decent points.
I have a problem with generalization. "Masochism, is a common trait in all creative people"
absolute statements turn me, and im guessing some more people, against the idea.
you could say pain pushes people who need the push, there may be others dedicated and single-minded enough already for the love of the art

rjk said...

Quite the thought provoking post this one. As I was pondering over what you had written, another angle occurred to me.
How is it that the audience unknowingly sifts between the work of art that has stemmed from, let's say, a person who is channeling her pain versus a person who is doing it for the love of the art? Is it that we are subconsciously attracted to the pain being channeled through the work of art? Or is it just, as you said, that the work of art is a creation of undiluted intensity and hence attracts us.

Neeru Sharma said...

wow!!. What an observation of human behavior!!. You can go really deep into things. I too like to believe that one does not have to suffer everytime to produce a masterpiece. Once you have found your groove, you can happily move forward