Friday, January 6, 2012

It was raining very hard and he had no protection against the wrath ofnature. He was walking, drenched to his bones, on the crowded street of Daddar, lost in the in huge mass of people carrying their black umbrellas. Seems like millions of ants teeming in the rain, he thought. He closed his eyes and transported himself to the 20th floor of the building he was walking next to.

He opened his eyes and found himself removed from the street, in the balcony on the 20th floor. This is not happening, he said out loud, revealing his panic to himself. What the hell just happened? he yelled, sweating in spite of the rain.

He shut his eyes again as hard as he could. He was back on the street, when he opened them.

He found himself walking, as he was moments ago. Wow, that was a weird vision, he said to himself shaking his head atop his shaking body.

He wondered, without stopping, if he was sweating in spite of the rain all along. Weird, he thought and began theorizing whether it is possible or not, choosing the thoughts that he was more comfortable with.

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Neeru Sharma said...

I think its the result of your not sleeping enough You should not be up and writing blogs at 5am!!! after a long day of work and about to start another long day in 3 hrs!!!!