Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Satanic Verses (Review)

The Satanic VersesThe Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

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Before I started reading this book, I was extremely wary if I was just buying into the hype around the book. Once I got to reading it, I thought the same again since it demands a marathon-esque effort from the reader. I constantly checked the reviews of the book on good reads, trying to find a good reason to give it up. But I couldn't. I am a sucker for finishing books that I pick up.

There are some aspects of the book that rivet you to it, there are many more that will tempt you to give it up. But persevere, and it shall reward. It is a brilliant, controversial - to the point of scandalizing in several places - work of literature. Yes, it is literature and it has a unique voice. I am now tempted to read the Quran to understand a lot of references to the text and maybe someday re-read the book. Did I say maybe? I mean it has to be read at least twice to be understood in entirety.

If nothing else, the book led me to understand one 'ism' better, Rushdism!

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