Friday, December 6, 2013

Part 1 - A Friday Evening, In A December

I do hereby solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I take out my new smartphone on a Friday evening. I had just got the GPS repaired in the afternoon. Google maps should work now, I hear myself thinking. I click open the app. Sitting in the cab, on my way home from office, I follow the blue dot moving on the screen. Inching slowly towards a location marked home.

I can't help but wonder how magical the idea is. Yes, magic! And I am not exaggerating. Well, not yet at least. It's the muggle world equivalent of a marauder's map. In my hands. A faint smile appears on my face. I know that because at the very instant, the driver of the cab looks at me in the rear view mirror and makes a face that says "What's that creepy smile for?"

Not letting the driver's reaction dampen my mood, I proceed to check out Google Latitude. I add a few of my friends on the map and I am surprised to see them accept my location sharing request instantaneously. I see new little dots with little images of their faces moving on the map. My map was now complete.

Ever since I have read the Harry Potter books, I have dreamed - on and off, sometimes in the day, sometimes at night - of possessing a wand, an invisibility cloak and the marauder's map. 1 down, I thought. 2 more to go.

As I get off the cab, I click off the display on my phone and wake up from the dream.

I climb up the stairs, thinking about the things I need to do today. There is some left over work from office that needs to be completed tonight and some leftover beer from last night. Seems like a good evening.

I open the door and walk into my apartment. I hook my laptop to my music system and hit the play button on the music player. It plays the playlist which I had prepared back in my college days and haven't had the motivation to update. A familiar song starts playing from mid-sentence. I don't bother to make the effort to play it from the start.

I head to the fridge to get the beer. To my surprise there is some pizza there too. I pick up the box and sniff. Doesn't smell harmful, my nose tells me. My stomach will tell me tomorrow.

I check the pockets of my jeans, carelessly thrown at the bed. I find some cigarettes and a lighter. This is a really really good evening.

In my study, I sit bent over my laptop finishing my work. The familiarity with the music does not allow for it to register to my conscious thought. The familiarity with the cigarette smoke does not allow for me to take notice of the burning sensation in my eyes and the irritation in my nostrils. The familiarity with the beer does not allow for it to make me high and the that with stale food does not allow for my stomach's rumbling noises to incite any reaction.

Two hours later, I have sent my work to my folks at the office. I have moved over to my bean bag with another bottle of beer in my hands.

I open google maps once more. Neither of my friendly dots are moving. They are all at home. Maybe I should call them, organize a get together. Maybe I will call them, I think to myself...

I shift on my bean bag to be slightly more comfortable. The bean inside has been dead for too long now.

Mischief managed.

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Neeru Sharma said...

Nice expression! Good observation, wonderful style of writing